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Purpose is to "Restoring Families"


Neither motivational or inspirational, the message is "HEALspiration"


Train the Trainer (Cognitively Connecting with Clients)


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A Marginalized Voice - Spring 2017 Release


Cognitively interrupting maladaptive behaviors


Reginald Williams, a Family Advocate, Speaker, Professional Development Trainer, Author and Behavioral ENTERventionist concentrating in family and community restoration. Credited with being a dynamic speaker, my presence as a presenter and workshop facilitator isn’t about my ability to give a stirring speech, but instead to solidify my mission which is to stimulate provoking thought that will lead to authentic wellness. I am also the founder and Executive Director of Family Is, a social service agency dedicated to family.

"If there were a naturally God gifted men's and family empowerment specialist it is Reggie," proclaims Dr. Leonard N. Smith.

Certified as a behavioral health specialist, I have dedicated my life to serving families and communities. It isn't my certification that makes me a specialist, but my ability to connect to and with my clients in special ways. Adam Alston, a junior at the University of Maryland, explains the connection. "Reggie has been a positive influence in my life since our first encounter, either through direct enlightenment or connection through his network of peers. I have gained an invaluable pool of knowledge that has allowed me to awaken the greatness instilled in me."

My devotion to the community was acknowledged by Rep. Donna F. Edwards, who honored me with a "Congressional Recognition Award" for my "Outstanding and invaluable service to the 4th Congressional District and for improving the quality of life for men, women and families." I was also recognized by the Prince George's County Police Department and Chief of Police Mark Magaw for my work with "violent offenders" in the community. From pulpits to prisons I share the messages of "I'm Possible," "Boxed In: Examine Your Why" and "Healing the Hurt."

"Mr. Williams' facilitating skills are inspiring because he presents topics and facilitates discussions in a way that draws people in. As a social work student, I have learned so much about the importance of, and the how to of developing a connection with your client," says Kendra Phillips a 4th year Social Work student.

With each and every one-to-one session, keynote address or workshop facilitation I simply hope to leave each person with a nugget of information that will cause them to explore a more insightful view of their situation.

Standing on the landscape of the legacy seeded by my ancestors - I believe that family, the cornerstone of a great nation, serves as the seed for success for a vibrant and healthy community.

The higher a plane ascends, the smaller the things below the aircraft appear. Learn to 'Fly above your Frustrations.' Reginald Williams

HEALspirational Messages

The mission isn't to provide a stirring speech that sparks praise for the presentation, but rather to serve the audience by connecting to their concerns. Then the message has the opportunity to resonate change.

I'm Possible

Managing Life's Air Pockets

What's Your Social Credit Score

Boxed In

A Matter of Inches

Connected to What

Processing the Pain

Transformational Power of Forgiveness

Safe Landing

Cosmetic Conversations



Behavior is the cognitive stream that flow through all people no matter their differences. I have presented "Cognitive Behavioral Enter-vention" to Churches, Middle and High Schools, Colleges, Government agencies (local and federal) in addition to profit and non-profit organizations.

My clients include men, women and youth as well as families. Subjects presented includes, but not limited to, marriage and relationships, employment exploration for returning citizens and sexual health (responsible - if not abstinent) for youth.

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Keynote Speaker

Presenting "Striving for the Extraordinary"at the 5th Annual Diverse Male Student Initiative

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Joined by my wife, sharing widsom on family and marriage at Verizon's Community Empowerment Tour held at Howard University.

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Keynote Speaker

Presenting at Prince George's Community College 2014 Fall New Student Convocation


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