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I am a subject-matter leader in cognitive behavioral education. I help clients identify and understand who they are, and why they do what they do. In my work, I'm wise enough to realize that I'm not an expert in a client's restoration. My role is to walk with them along their road of exploration.

I have dedicated my life to disrupting supposed experts, systemic systems, and polarizing paradigms used as tools of marginalization. Standing on the landscape of a legacy seeded by my ancestors - it is my responsibility to sow seeds of healing and restoration for the purpose of harvesting a vibrant and healthy people and community.

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Reggie's Experience

Public service is about serving all the people, including the ones who are not like you.
Constance Wu


Neither motivational nor inspirational, Reggie's messages of healing are "Healspirational."

Workshop Facilitator

Reginald Williams' method of delivering information is as valuable as the information he delivers.

Professional Development Trainer

An exploration to new experiences that prepares professionals to perform better by becoming cognizant of some of their potential blind biases.


Specialize in martial, family and restorative justice mediation. Referral Source

Behavioral ENTER-ventionist

Reginald Williams works with high-risk populations. Through cognitive education, he works to interrupt maladaptive behaviors.

Podcast Host

Creating the Narrative (coming late fall) will be a weekly podcast dedicated to challenging and disrupting systemic systems, polarizing practices, and implicit bias thought processes that habitually marginalize citizens and communities of color.

Counseling Services

Culturally aligned, spiritual based counseling whose mission is healing. Referral Source

Curriculum Author

A subject-matter leader in creating culturally aligned, culturally sensitive curriculums that poignantly speak to the hurt and disappointments of the clients served.


Workshops, seminars, and lectures conducted by Reginald Williams speak primarily, not exclusively, to marginalized people and communities.

  • Emotional Identity & Influencing Cultural Iconographies

    Client served:Young Black Males (ages 12-24)

    This cultural experience is an exploration of personal, familial, and cultural identity. The goal is to help participants uncover those invisible emotional obstructions found in the nuanced pockets of life; this includes absentee models of appropriate masculinity, societal marginalization, gender bias, misplaced emotional norms, and derelict cultural beliefs.

  • Know Their Why

    Client served:Educators

    Unfound disabilities in educators are more pervasive than the supposed disabilities of Black boys. Too many teachers are unaware of a Black boy's "why." This ignorance is rooted in the absence of building relationships. Know Their Why provides a nuanced look into understanding the dynamics that drive Black and Brown males' daily decisions. It delivers a lesson plan for educators to refer to in their "need" to build relationships with Black and Brown boys - because "relationship precedes the work."

  • Creating New Narratives For Marginalized Communities Peer Recovery

    Client served:Peer Recovery & Certified Peer Recovery Professionals

    This 90-minute workshop helps Peer Recovery Specialist and other substance-use disorder professionals understand the root of marginalization experienced by peer professionals. It exposes those false narratives pushed, and illuminate the process needed to create new antidotes. The foundation used to elevate a peer’s message is: “The conqueror writes history.”

  • Canvassing Anger Lawfully & Maturely

    Client served:High Risk Population

    C.A.L.M. conflict management curriculum is a 16-week, 90 minutes per week course. The curriculum helps clients identify, understand, embrace, and perceptively manage their anger. This abbreviated curriculum is withdrawn from a more expansive course of behavioral study taught during a 9-month span of time.

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Client Testimony

When you failed to give priority to your client's perception, you then lose your client.

They tried to bury us. They didn't know we were seeds.

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Reggie's Realism

Commentary that digs beneath the surface

  • Dewayne Haskings,

    You're A Business - Man!

    Written By:Reginald Williams

    On yesterday, the Washington Football Team (WFT) decided to part ways with Dwayne Haskins, the 2019 - 1st Round draft choice from "The Ohio State." Haskins was chosen to become Washington’s franchised quarterback.

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    • nate robinson, jake paul,

      Knocked Out And Still A Chamption

      Written By:Reginald Williams

      Let's not sugar coat it. Nate Robinson's mouth wrote a check that his ass was unable to cash.

      Leading up to the Nov 28, fight against Jake Paul, Robinson - the 3-time N.B.A. Slam Dunk champion, talked mad trash about how he would trash Paul.

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